Morgan is from the suburbs of Dallas TX. She began listening and singing to all genres of music at a very early age. Early on, she began writing journal after journal of poems, stories etc. and in turn began singing the things she wrote. She has always been an entertainer and is an actor. By the age of 11, she was a two-time Best Actress award winner. At age 12 she got her first guitar from "Santa" and after attending one group lesson, she came home and wrote her first song with acoustic accompaniment. Morgan briefly took one-on-one guitar lessons and since has become her own teacher. Her focus now is on her music and at her young age the world is her oyster.

"My family and friends mean the world to me"


My closest friends, encourage me and have a role in my music from giving me ideas, funny stories to sing about, to having them join in with me harmonizing and adding drum/guitar mixes.



Guitar, Piano, Singing, Songwriting and Performing. 

"I can flare my nostrils too"        

"Music from the past had a lot of emotion and heart"


I often find myself playing older classical tunes such as Frank Sinatra, Patti Page and the forever legend that is Elvis Presley. 

I do not like branding myself a specific genre, as I am a deeply passionate music lover of all kinds.      

About Me

Guitar Strings, Luv it!
Dave Carrett (Reverbnation) "Listening to Guitar Strings, Luvit!" 



Morgan Alana Taylor

"i want my music to mean something to each person listening"

Over the last few years, I have performed at many local DFW hot spots from Angela's at the Crosswalk in Plano Texas to House of Blues in Dallas. I really enjoy the songwriter nights at Texas Love & War in Plano. Hank's in McKinney provides a backyard jam session feel, and I love playing there. The amount of talent in our area is outstanding.